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Picking a strategic segment for your launch

In today’s market of radical innovation, a brand is under constant challenge to relaunch itself to the marketplace and existing customers. With that in mind, it is important to know how to launch innovation and start ups in the market place, without exhausting your resources. Going out to the wider market can be an expensive … Continue reading

Patents – protectors of brand value

Wrapping up your business and brand value into a legal entity, which can be protected and resold is critical to building shareholder value. This is the strategy of the world’s leading brands, who increasingly believe  patents and trademarks are  to be developed, licensed or sold. In doing so, the  value created from the  research and development … Continue reading

Selling creative ideas to the number guys

One thing that has struck me about the truly gifted creatives is how weak their concept of money is. How their creativity drives attraction and commerce, yet the way the money system works they don’t seem to get  much of a clip on the ticket. Further, creativity is a right brain construct where as money … Continue reading