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The way you make me feel, and the brands we love

The fundamental driver of brand value today, comes back to one simple principle, customers know ‘how they spend money, creates the world around them’. They just don’t want to get their needs met, they want to connect to a purpose greater than themselves. Brands that reign supreme today, are brands that build emotional connections and … Continue reading

Creating social capital for your brand

While reading an article by Christine M. Riordan and Kevin O’Brien (thanks guys) on the importance of social contracts and social capital to create great teamwork, I turned my mind to the value of creating social contracts and social capital in customer communities. Social capital, until now has meant, kudos, by associating our social image … Continue reading

Clean air, fresh food and pure water increase brand value

After decades of unbridled economic growth, China’s worsening air pollution, cost the country $112 billion in 2005 in lost economic productivity, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Climate Spectator. I only received this staggering news yesterday, why they quote the 2005 figure in 2012, I am not sure,  but if this is true, we can expect the … Continue reading