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Cheap Chinese imports versus your quality brand

I was recently conversing with a business owner who had watched the fall and fall of his wholesaling business as Chinese factories with web based shop fronts smashed his market share ….not an unfamiliar story, I have heard it all before. When you look, you find an Achilles’ Heel in Chinese manufacturing, and over time, … Continue reading

The secret life of an online shopper story 1

I am an online customer. When I want a product, I first google to do my research. I will search by need or product category and then, either drill down into the product and service explanation, or check out customer forums to make my decision. This year almost all my purchases were online…I bought a … Continue reading

Picking a strategic segment for your launch

In today’s market of radical innovation, a brand is under constant challenge to relaunch itself to the marketplace and existing customers. With that in mind, it is important to know how to launch innovation and start ups in the market place, without exhausting your resources. Going out to the wider market can be an expensive … Continue reading