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Picking a strategic segment for your launch

In today’s market of radical innovation, a brand is under constant challenge to relaunch itself to the marketplace and existing customers. With that in mind, it is important to know how to launch innovation and start ups in the market place, without exhausting your resources. Going out to the wider market can be an expensive … Continue reading

Fuzzy brands and the decline of Sony

In April 2012, Sony had doubled its projected net loss for 2011 to 520 billion yen, Sony’s fourth year of consecutive losses. So where did this master of consumer electronics, communications and information technologies loose its way? Sony is besieged by competitive challenge. While Chinese and Korean manufacturers snap at Sony’s ankles, commoditizing Sony’s baseline … Continue reading

Creating social capital for your brand

While reading an article by Christine M. Riordan and Kevin O’Brien (thanks guys) on the importance of social contracts and social capital to create great teamwork, I turned my mind to the value of creating social contracts and social capital in customer communities. Social capital, until now has meant, kudos, by associating our social image … Continue reading