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From a fortress of value, to an ecosystem of value, the new way of building business

Open collaboration, togetherness, business boundaries with passages in and out, open architecture, open talent, sharing IP, these are the qualities that are building businesses of the future. The old tightly guarded trade secrets,  the product based value propositions, are being out trumped by externally engaged, win-win business alliances that are creating ecosystems of value. Just … Continue reading

Your brand as the creator of margin

There are lots of definitions of brands I love: The face of your business strategy What people say about you when you are not in the room and finally: the value created over the cost of goods and services. This last one is a great one, because it strikes at the heart of what it … Continue reading

The secret life of an online shopper story 1

I am an online customer. When I want a product, I first google to do my research. I will search by need or product category and then, either drill down into the product and service explanation, or check out customer forums to make my decision. This year almost all my purchases were online…I bought a … Continue reading

Our personal brand and sales high performance

Leading sales gurus, such as David Williams, refer to the importance of team work, service and an individual’s personal brand, to drive high performance sales. In the down economy, businesses are using a number of tactics to optimize sales performance, these include; an investment in better lead generation, an investment  in richer, pre and post … Continue reading