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Creating brand value in the zero marginal cost future

Jeremy Rifkin, the author of the Third Industrial Revolution, advisor to the French, German and Chinese governments, brought to our awareness the new post capitalism era he refers to as, the Collaborative Commons. Our Collaborative Commons future will be a world where just about everything and everyone can talk to everything and everyone through sensors … Continue reading

From a fortress of value, to an ecosystem of value, the new way of building business

Open collaboration, togetherness, business boundaries with passages in and out, open architecture, open talent, sharing IP, these are the qualities that are building businesses of the future. The old tightly guarded trade secrets,  the product based value propositions, are being out trumped by externally engaged, win-win business alliances that are creating ecosystems of value. Just … Continue reading

When a customer sells for you

In today’s world you can’t just rely on paid leads to be successful, your delivery on a great customer promise has to be so good, that your customers not only come back to you, they bring others. When done well, your customers are organically growing your market share for you. Creating a customer salesforce is … Continue reading

Etsy, community marketplaces and the value of scarcity

Etsy – the spoof video In today’s mass commodity market,  many things, many cheap things, look the same. Consumer preference is moving away from a manufacturing economy towards one that is based on a community marketplace, like the shift from mass market brands on the supermarket shelf to farmers markets. In the community driven marketplace, … Continue reading