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The secret life of an online shopper story 1

I am an online customer. When I want a product, I first google to do my research. I will search by need or product category and then, either drill down into the product and service explanation, or check out customer forums to make my decision. This year almost all my purchases were online…I bought a … Continue reading

The molecule of customer trust and profitability

David Maister laid down the foundation to understand trust in his work The Trusted Advisor. Maister showed us that trust was generated through 4 key dimensions: credibility, reliability, intimacy and lack of self-orientation. For customers to experience trust, the conditions of trust need to be in place. Customers either consciously or unconsciously, spoken or unspoken, … Continue reading

The way you make me feel, and the brands we love

The fundamental driver of brand value today, comes back to one simple principle, customers know ‘how they spend money, creates the world around them’. They just don’t want to get their needs met, they want to connect to a purpose greater than themselves. Brands that reign supreme today, are brands that build emotional connections and … Continue reading

Brands that are felt are the brands that are seen

So often people think media when they think promotion, and their concept of great advertising is based on this idea, “if you keep repeating something, finally people will be brainwashed and give in”. The average American is exposed to 3,000 advertising messages a day. The impact of this advertising is so overwhelming  that our brain … Continue reading