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Growing brand value through collaboration

Our hyper competitive marketplace is both creating and destroying brand value at a greater pace than ever before. The spikes and troughs of shift in brand value of the world’s most valuable brands have never been so tumultuous and precipitous. These shifts in brand values and market capitalisation have been tracked by Hearts and Minds … Continue reading

Big branded worlds to build your brand online

Enter Pyongyang from JT Singh on Vimeo. Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo. Whitworth’s stunning worlds of Barcelona and Pyongyang Brands are about being seen, or more importantly seeing the brand in your world. Seeing the brand is more important than ever in this data and information rich world. We are all hungry for … Continue reading

Marketing innovation through personal brands

Many hold the belief in “an idea whose time has come”. They have a sense of a collective consciousness that births an idea or new concept at the right time, with ideas often born in many places, simultaneously. An artist or entrepreneur is perceived as the conduit through which an idea is born. Research by … Continue reading

From a fortress of value, to an ecosystem of value, the new way of building business

Open collaboration, togetherness, business boundaries with passages in and out, open architecture, open talent, sharing IP, these are the qualities that are building businesses of the future. The old tightly guarded trade secrets,  the product based value propositions, are being out trumped by externally engaged, win-win business alliances that are creating ecosystems of value. Just … Continue reading