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When a customer sells for you

In today’s world you can’t just rely on paid leads to be successful, your delivery on a great customer promise has to be so good, that your customers not only come back to you, they bring others. When done well, your customers are organically growing your market share for you. Creating a customer salesforce is … Continue reading

Why ‘good enough’ brands are often better

Profound shocks to the world, bring shifts in social norms and value systems. Since the Global Financial Crisis we have been transitioning from an age of plenty to an age of adversity, with this has come a major change in the way we perceive value and in our perceived needs. The movers and shakers of the … Continue reading

Your brand as the creator of margin

There are lots of definitions of brands I love: The face of your business strategy What people say about you when you are not in the room and finally: the value created over the cost of goods and services. This last one is a great one, because it strikes at the heart of what it … Continue reading