Welcome to the Thought Leaders Circle!

Louise Kelly founded Hearts and Minds in 2002 and the Thought Leaders Circle in 2003, (formerly known as the Thought Leaders Forum).

Hearts and Minds  is a brand consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

Once the domain of board rooms, mail packs and articles, the Thought Leaders Circle has found a new voice and community  in this blog http://www.thoughtleaderscircle.com. Since 2002 we have hosted Thought Leadership with some of  world’s leading companies, medium sized businesses and to our great pleasure, with small and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As Business Decision Makers “you do not know, what you don’t know”,  and it is wise to be  guided by Thought Leadership to expand your thinking and to follow the dollar, as the market continues to reshape how value is created.

The Thought Leaders Circle insights may not always be grounded in the day to day reality of your business, but it does allow you  “to know what you don’t know”  and to apply that knowledge in your branding and business building activities.

The Thought Leaders Circle is a space to rant about your challenges, make a splash with new ideas and to meet other great minds.

By working with Business Decision makers on a day to day business, we are able to keep current with the road blocks and gaps in knowledge that  hold a business back from growth. By understanding the thinking that allowed others to break though, you can make the transformation with them.

Join us on the Thought Leaders Circle for our regular posts to get you “thinking, feeling and doing” as a leader does.

You can submit a post to this blog by emailing: louise.kelly@heartsandminds.com.au

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