Big branded worlds to build your brand online

Enter Pyongyang from JT Singh on Vimeo.

Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Whitworth’s stunning worlds of Barcelona and Pyongyang

Brands are about being seen, or more importantly seeing the brand in your world.

Seeing the brand is more important than ever in this data and information rich world. We are all hungry for concepts, models and walk-throughs, to make sense of our information overwhelmed life.

The brand is at the pointy end of a business, it is the evocative image that pulls us in, and at best, the world we literally fall into. Even though brands span across channels and are now more firmly embedded into all business touch points and experiences, the cinematic aspect of a brand, being seen, is critical to create brand awareness cut through.

Big branded worlds, created with a cinematic quality, around which the eye can roam, allow us take in the brand’s promise, just as we would naturally within our daily life.

If you want your online brand promise to only provide information to customers who have already a relationship with your brand, a simple information directory of your website, will suffice. If however, you need to drive choice and brand perceptions, you will need to create a branded world online.

When a brand is creating a branded experience, a cinematic style representation of that experience, either through film or a still image, is critical to sell the brand online. For services and products this may mean a literal demonstration of a product in their world, for technologies and other intangibles this may mean representation through a metaphorical or symbolic world.

The creation of branded worlds is a entering a new era and technologies keep opening the door to new possibilities. Whitworth, a hyper lapse film maker, is creating rich world view in minutes, such as his delicious portrait of Barcelona or his colourful insights of Pyongyang, a 3 minute flight through North Korea. Whitworth’s films get over half a million views within days of launching online.

Google Glass are providing ‘overlays’ of world views, while interactive map visualisations, such as the one Apple created for New York subway, are providing worlds through symbols and pattern recognition. We are at a new frontiers the branded world format is quickly becoming the new portal format. Brands are now four dimensional and worlds within worlds.

Creating your own brand world is also readily accessible, filming the brand experience with smartphone is an opportunity we all have at our fingertips. We call all creators of a branded world.

Louise Kelly
Founder Thought Leaders Circle

Managing Director
Hearts and Minds

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