Trends 2013- An evening of disruption Thought Leaders Circle

Hearts & Minds Trends 2013

If you haven’t already grabbed a copy down load our Trends 2013 document

On March 21st, the Thought Leaders Circle hosted an evening on the trends of 2013. At the Trends 2013 Event, the Agent Provocateur speakers pushed brands out of their comfort zone, to future pace likely disruption and pin point missed opportunities.

Three game-changing Australian companies revealed how they used the trends to ride a J-curve of growth, while Agent Provocateurs speakers explored the ups, downs and pitfalls of trends in the marketplace and likely impacts on business and brand value.

It was, “An evening of disruption to push your brand out of its comfort zone!”

  • Location: History House, Macquarie Street.
  • Host companies: Tenth House, EpiServer, Hearts and Minds.
  • Speakers: Louise Kelly, Hearts and Minds, Linda Marlin, Tenth House; and Andreas Stjernstrom, EpiServer.
  • Plans for future: The Thought Leaders Circle looks forward to opportunities to roll out a series of events to challenge and inspire Australia’s leading brands.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

Founder Thought Leaders Circle

2 thoughts on “Trends 2013- An evening of disruption Thought Leaders Circle

  1. Hi Louise, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and found quite informative. It left me thinking about the ways we don’t. And how we can in the lightening speed way business is changing. Thank you. I look forward to more.

    • Thanks Niki, and thank you for sharing your amazing achievement in shaking up the fine jewellery market and I am looking forward to some more game changing moves from you.

      See you at the next Thought Leaders Circle


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