A 20% increase in Decision Making Simplicity results in a 96% increase in Customer Loyalty

or so says the Corporate Executive Board’s Marketing Leadership Council, the world’s leading think tank sponsored by the top companies in the world.

The compelling numbers don’t stop there. It also results in brands 86% more likely to be purchased, and wait there’s more..115% more likely to be recommended.

Hearts and Minds research constantly points to customer confusion as they key  block to sales, in other words, your customers have a fuzzy concept of your value story. To shift from fuzzy to crystal clear, you need wrap your brand around the way customers think and feel.

How to create Decision Making simplicity

Your customers make sense of the world through the stories they tell themselves. They make decisions, by using their emotions to navigate, as set of traffic lights telling them whether to stop, go and wait.

1. Tell the value story of your brand from your customer’s world view. When you have a really complicated proposition, use simple metaphors and narratives to help a customer understand. For complex propositions, endorsement strategies from trusted advisors and trend setters can help customers buy into a simplified version of your brand, without the need to understand the complexity.

2. Understand the relationship between the value story and the customer’s self image.

3. Understand the emotional drivers and barriers to making the decision.

4. Play into the communication preferences of your customers. Do they need to see it, touch it, have a walk through, hear it from the source? Do they need evidence to build trust? Establish how you will use all of these communication preferences to deliver your message with clarity. Youtube and face to face sales can support a wide range of communication preferences of your customers, that other, leaner channels fail to deliver.

4. Design a customer journey. What do they need to know first, second and so on to form their decision? How are you leveraging the emotional drivers to move a customer through the decision making process? Do you have different customer journeys to meet different customer segment?

Louise Kelly
Managing Director
Hearts and Minds
Founder Thought Leaders Circle



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