Our personal brand and sales high performance

Leading sales gurus, such as David Williams, refer to the importance of team work, service and an individual’s personal brand, to drive high performance sales.

In the down economy, businesses are using a number of tactics to optimize sales performance, these include; an investment in better lead generation, an investment  in richer, pre and post sales support, and the use of sales teams, (selling in teams of 5 to 7 people and incenting teams rather than individuals).

In addition, the off the shelf sales processes, with tips and tricks, are proving difficult to apply in the field. Instead, sales gurus are finding  the connection between  a person’s life purpose, (their drive to realize their ideal self – the personal brand), and the organisational brand values (and its life changing promise), were much stronger drivers of high performance sales.

As a branding specialist I can see this all through a branding solution. By understanding how the brand of the organization links to the customer, team and the individual members of the team, we can see how the people in the sales transaction can come together into a branded sales process.  A sales process that has been customized and humanized for the customers and the team.

Check this chart below for a model that can help you leverage the personal brand in sales high performance.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds


Founder Thought Leaders Circle


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