Maxwell House coffee builds marketshare through emotional experiences

In a global climate of financial doom and gloom, there is always room for some more optimism and Maxwell House, a Kraft coffee brand has seized the moment with its Optimism Cafe. Set up in Toronto Canada, the Optimism Cafe welcomed people and pets with an offer of free coffee, dog biscuits and a series of “brewsomegood” experiences.

The Optimism Cafe staged emotional experiences to deliver on a  “glass half full”  branded experience. Here you can get a hit of Optimism with experiences such as:

3 top tips for living a successful entrepreneur lifestyle by guest speaker Shawn Byfield, a book signing of The Book of Awesome  by author Neil Pasricha, and  waves of uplifting music at Optimism Café’s daily performances.

For those who could not make it to the cafe, they can top up their glass of optimism at their web presence, Here you can post and share a  “perkmeup!” youtube video,  one  that has that “feel good vibe”. For those who want to create the ripple effect of Optimism, they have an opportunity to “tweet their optimism”  and rate how “full their glass is”.

So did all this upbeat good vibes translate into sales? Kraft have reported the sales of Maxwell House lifted 10% the following months…now those results are enough to perk us all up!

If you are feeling in the mood for a shot of optimism yourself, I have uploaded a video, from the brewsomegood web site, which customers rated the “perkiest” of them all.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

Louise Kelly

Thought Leaders Circle

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