How the brand becomes the connection between two individuals

Relationships between individuals in business, have both a business promise and a brand promise. The business promise focuses on the tangible exchange of value, while the brand promise is a far more subtle, and often an unconscious need.

It is important that the brand and business promise between yourself and an individual reflect the greater brand promise of your business. This is where we can ask:

“How am I bringing the brand promise into all my business relationships including client, suppliers, stakeholders and employees?”

If you can’t answer these questions as yet, good news, you are sitting on some untapped value. Here is a guide to bringing some brand value into your business-people connections.

A brand is based on the emotional connection between people.

On a practical level, a business promise is about an interdependency:

“I’ll provide you this and you provide me that (usually money)”.

Sitting above the practical and tangible business promise is the brand. We bring the brand to our individual relationships, when an emotional connection between you and the individual kicks in.

An individual will feel a connection when you understand their emotional needs and consistently meet them. You can uncover the individual’s emotional needs when you come to understand the gap between where they are and their ideal self.

Much of this is unspoken, some if it lies at an unconscious level in the individual, but still, when we create a safe relationship, where the individual can freely speak from their heart, we will hear how they feel unfulfilled and from there deduce their concept of their ideal self and their unmet needs.

So how does the brand express itself within a relationship between two individuals?

  1. Be clear about  the emotional connection you provide in your contact.  To do this ask yourself, “how do you support an individual moving closer to their ideal self?” Here are some common examples to look out for.
  • For an executive the esteem of peers in the workplace is often a significant motivator.
  • For  government engagements, their reputation and image with the voting public is critical.
  • For an entrepreneur, a connection to their vision, courage and a strong alignment of values can bring you into a close relationship

2. Understand how you walk the talk of the brand promise

How well do your own internal beliefs, values and behaviours, bring to life the customer promise?

Have you made the link between your personal brand and the business brand?

Do you know what success looks like in your one on one engagement?

What experiences and outcomes are you going to create that bring the brand to life in your individual relationships?

Check out our post on Lululemon for a brand that consistently brings the brand promise to life in its people connections.

Your frontline as co creators of the brand– see how it has made Lululemon the darling of analysts

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

Founder Thought Leaders Circle

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