Posted in March 2012

The top 4 technology trends

1. Group buying Groupon refers to the  rise of groupon and the likes. In 2011, 47% of online consumers used a group buying coupon. Online e-tailers need to counteract the group buyers with niche offerings including limited editions, pre launch sales and loyalty points.   2. Geolocation Facebook’s location marker and Four Square are not just … Continue reading

Does your brand have a strategy to leverage the crowd sourcing economy? Barclay Bank have!

For a long time we have known that crowds are smarter than one individual alone. James Surowiecki explores this in his book, The Wisdom of Crowds. Crowds typically solve simple problems like guessing competitions, to complex problems, like locating a sunk submarine, better than a single individual. Collaboration consistently produces higher achievements. More often than … Continue reading

Clean air, fresh food and pure water increase brand value

After decades of unbridled economic growth, China’s worsening air pollution, cost the country $112 billion in 2005 in lost economic productivity, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Climate Spectator. I only received this staggering news yesterday, why they quote the 2005 figure in 2012, I am not sure,  but if this is true, we can expect the … Continue reading

Does brand confusion kill your sales results?

I would say, if you cannot answer this question, than most likely, ‘yes’, confusion is killing your sales results. Brand confusion, does not usually reside in one place, if it is there, it is often at every touch point ie: advertising, communication, service and sales experience. All these touch points are opportunities to clearly articulate … Continue reading