Brands that leverage the “sharing economy”

Sharing takes us back to the roots of economics where interdependencies with others, improves the quality of our life. Sharing  and collaboration is an elementary part  of herd culture, and humans are creatures of the herd.

Sharing, or collaborative consumption, is part of a new trend that is powered by our ability to source our needs over the internet with people that we know as “digital identities”.

Rachel Botsman says, in the new “sharing” economy, which is about shared access, community and reputation, that reputation will become more important than our credit history to transact over the web. (Hey Rachel, isn’t that the way it always was before the banks took it over?)

Businesses that tap into the sharing economy are already getting some serious traction. Here are some that are up and running:,  Airbnb  provides a platform that enables people to rent rooms, flats and sofas  to  tourists. and, Zipcar and GoGet are businesses that enable individuals to car share, Zopa is a marketplace for money,  bringing together lenders and borrowers, Commbank’s Kaching allows individuals, (peer to peer) to pay each other through Facebook applications and mobile phones
Botsman predicts a future where we will use Facebook, E-Bay and other applications to build our reputation to trade in the sharing economy. For a long time now,  those who have controlled the movement of money, have  often given themselves a  big a “clip on the ticket” for the transaction. The words once spoken by Bill Gates are ringing in my ears; “banking is useful, banks are not”.
Louise Kelly
Managing Director
Hearts and Minds
References- Thought Leader

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