Why are branded concepts the pointy end of the brand?

One thing every good brand planner knows is, “we do not see with our eyes, we see with our heart”.

Our heart and our unconscious mind  first see concepts. Branded concepts, which some people call ads, are the nano second take, which draw the customer in. A strong concept is based on the emotional connections to the customer, which the heart feels, and the mind sees, as part of itself.

A strong concept will trigger an internal story in the customer’s mind. A story which the customer relates back to themselves and is charged with the emotional connections to the brand.

You can test if your brand concept works simply by asking customers to tell the story of how that applies to their life. Within that story lies the true equity and perceptions of the brand.

Hearts and Minds once helped a leading pharmaceutical company launch a new customer relationship management system, by developing an internal employee brand. Until they used a branding model, the value to the organisation, customers and individual employees was lost in management babble and technical white papers.

By developing an internal brand,  called “Quantum”, we could enlist employees in a belief that they were moving into a higher order of business. Quantum challenged them to leave their comfort zone and challenge their thinking, just as Einstein had done, to see an even greater reality and a universe of possibility.

The internal brand included a series of stories helping them to adopt the internal mindset to make the change. It led with branded concepts, featuring the Quantum challenge. At the time of launch, it proved to be their most successful change management program to date.

Here is our case study Hearts and Minds Internal Brand Case Study

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds


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