“Social capital, makes content go viral”

or so says a Harvard University Researcher.

A few little others things, like the punch line at the beginning to hook people in and a feeling of joy, are other factors which increase the likelihood content will go viral.

Note that sharing as an act of altruism, the “give to others”, did not make it to the list. It is much more a “me” thing. We share in content because we want to influence how people think about us.

Ponder this, we share  content to boost our image socially. Just like our choice of branded goods, our clothes, our house, the content we pass on, is meant to influence how others perceive us. Ultimately it is a request to be  respected for our values and cues for how we want to be treated.

Creating branded content, based on a brand plan, that helps people project their ideal self, is the killer ingredient to make your content viral.

Here is one that does it well.

If you haven’t already seen it, check this video called Swear Jar, which helped carry the message of Bud Light to millions.


Louise Kelly

Hearts and Minds



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