The top 4 technology trends

1. Group buying

Groupon refers to the  rise of groupon and the likes. In 2011, 47% of online consumers used a group buying coupon. Online e-tailers need to counteract the group buyers with niche offerings including limited editions, pre launch sales and loyalty points.


2. Geolocation

Facebook’s location marker and Four Square are not just locating a  venue, but who is at that venue. A sign I saw recently at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, reminded clientele to “check in” on Facebook.


3. Tablets

In 2011, the sales of tablets were three times the year before. Enterprising brands are looking to purpose build for the tablet format, which is be used in more novel ways every day. Most recently I was presented with a wine list at a restaurant on an i-pad


4. Cloud based productivity apps

This is going ballistic, with Forrester research saying app sales will increase from 2011 $41 billion to 2020 $241 billion


Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds



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