A successful brand is persistently consistent and consistently persistent

Not sticking to the plan is more often than not, the root cause of business failure.

Conventional wisdom has it:

Business shareholders, who loose money in between boom and bust cycles, are those that break their strategy.

Small business strategists say, the key reason small business fails, is that they simply did not have enough cash to see their strategy come to fruition.

And the key reason for large business failure is because they fail to execute strategy.

Yesterday a colleague told me success was about:

being persistently consistent and consistently persistent.

So how does that apply to brand success? I ask myself.

Let me think this through.

Well to be persistently consistent, business leaders must ask:

“How can we apply these business values across everything we do?”

Yes, a brand needs to be consistent in order to consistently manage customer expectations. A great brand architecture, applied across the business will deliver on this brand consistency.

And to be consistently persistent business leaders must ask:

“How are we executing our brand promise to keep it alive and well?

Brands need to be ever vigilant, always looking for more opportunities to make and deliver on their promise. This requires a brand to be able to look into their customer’s world and uncover opportunities to keep the promise alive.

Making your brand persistently consistent and consistently persistent, is a must for enduring success. A brand needs commitment.

As Stephen Covey says:

Don’t prioritise your schedule, schedule your priorities

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds




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