8 power questions to understand how your brand delivers value in your customers’ lives

It is powerful to know what you don’t know. Any brand leader who does not understand how they are creating value by transforming their customers’ lives is in trouble.

In order to understand the value your brand delivers, you need to understand the brand’s impact in a customer’s life. Don’t think products and services alone, step into your customer’s world and ask: What transformative impact does my brand deliver?

Here are the powerful questions that every brand leader needs to ask, to assess how their brand delivers outcomes.

Power Questions

What transformative impact does the brand have on your customer’s quality of life?

How does this transformation impact on their self image?

How do the emotional connections of the brand link to this transformative promise?

Can you substantiate how your solutions, experiences and products deliver on the transformative promise?

How does this transformation create practical value such as time, money or certainity?

How does this transformation create emotional value to the customer? What do they think and feel about the transformation?

How does the emotional connection shape the customer experience, and in turn how does this shape the business process?

Answer these questions and your will understand the levers of power of your brand.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds



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