Using emotions to design the customer’s branded journey

In today’s world, there is more to sales than a press ad and some shelf space. The channels to build brand awareness, service and sales are fragmenting. More than ever, a brand needs to navigate their customers across channels, and integrate that experience through a branded customer journey.

So just how do you develop a customer journey that converts from tyre kicking to a mutually valuable relationship?

The first step, is to understand the emotional journey a customer needs to move through, to convert from prospect to customer and advocate.

By probing into your customers’ emotions, you will have insights into 2 key things:

1. The decisions pathways of your customer.

Our emotions are a guidance system helping us to get our needs met, in this sense, our emotions operate like a traffic light saying stop, go and wait.

When you elicit the customer emotions and map them in a journey, you will understand how the brand needs to navigate the customer, through emotional milestones, into a more valuable customer relationship.

This navigation needs to integrate all the channels, web and face to face and follow the natural decision making pathways of the customer.

2. The experiences of your customer, while they are engaging with the brand.

Every experience is tagged with an emotion and stored in our memory. By accessing the emotions, you have a line of sight into the critical experiences that define a customer’s relationship with your brand. Better still, you can use emotions, to probe for the desired brand experiences and design the shift from the current state to the  desired customer journey.

Your customers’ emotions are the levers of power for your brand, work with them are you are sure to realize great rewards.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

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