Engaging all the senses to capture the brand

We learn that indivduals, all have their own preferences to process information, these are our sensory preferences.

Some of us are visual and like a picture of it.

Some of us are auditory and like to hear it from the source.

Some are kinesthetic and like to touch and feel it.

Some are auditory digital and like to  work out the logic of it.

We all also have olfactory, sense of smell and gustatory the sense of taste, to make sense of our world.

When we are communicating, especially in branded communication, the more of these sensorial preferences we use, the more our message will penetrate. When we reach every segment based on their sensory preferences, our message will have even greater cut through.

Story and audio visual, are ways we can successfully integrate these senses. When you look at your branded communications from the perspective of each sensorial preference, you will find opportunity to be even more sensorially engaging.

The potential to profit is staggering, when you have a breakthrough in sensory preferences.

Take for example the appeal of Apple computers, which can be attributed largely to Apple’s ability to make the computing experience a visual one.

The first computers were designed by auditory digital people, who created interfaces like DOS and the “C” prompt. It was Apple who first cracked the code with the iconic interface.

I see the same opportunity here again. As we increase our time in a digital world, we are still failing to connect on many of our key sensory preferences.

The digital world is numb to those senses, which include the physical presence such as touch, smell and taste.

Traditional retail tells us the physical presence senses are very compelling to engage the customer. Check out the vibrancy of the food markets for a case in point, the Pike Fish markets in Seattle being the most famous example.

In a world where many brands are limited to a digital presence, other brands, that go beyond what is digitally possible, continue to grow in value, no accident I would argue.

Consider the growth of gourmet food, massage, aromatherapy, all of these involve indulging the senses in those “beyond digital” formats. The spa, which integrate all of these physical presence senses, touch, smell and taste, is one of the fastest growing product categories in the world.

So next time you are developing strategies for your brand’s presence and the development of branded experiences, explore opportunities to indulge those more elusive and coveted senses, touch, smell and taste.

For a bit of inspiration, check out pikeplacefish.com.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds



More on the sense from a NLP perspective.




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