Posted in February 2012

Craving human warmth in the digital world

A theologian at Uniting Church once told me that all humans really crave is love, respect and intimacy. Heart break, especially in our childhood, can make the pursuit of  love , respect and intimacy  all too painful and in response we pursue substitutes, like work and food. None of these substitutes ever replace the real … Continue reading

Heart break a leading cause of business failure

How is it that we make the same mistakes, over and over again…different faces, different circumstances but when we step back we are looking at the same fundamental driver of fault. Heart break causes relationship breakdowns but it also causes business breakdowns as individuals are compulsively drawn to repeat their mistakes. This is not New … Continue reading

Targeting new segments for your brand

So you would like your brand to sell to new segments, which one of the following best describes you?   Tapping into an emerging market – marketing through trend setters and opinion leaders Owning a strategic segment – choosing to focus efforts on the most profitable or loyal markets Customising your offering to different market … Continue reading

Thought Leader Seth Godin

It is hard to believe that some leading brands have still not acquainted themselves with the genius of Seth Godin. His book Purple Cow talks of the collapse of the TV mass industrial complex and the rise of brands through social networks. He is talking about memes which he renames the ideas virus and word … Continue reading