Using visions to bring the brand to life


Vision creates extraordinary achievers.

Vision is a verb ( something we do) and a noun ( a thing).


Brands that have a clear picture of success, a vision, are brands that are high performers


A clear picture of success includes:

Clarity around goals and pathways to realizing the goal

Ability to retain focus on the goals in the face of setback

Building your capacity to create and connect to your vision

Ability to link the vision to all stakeholders, employees, customers and influencers


If we exercise our vision by reconnecting to it every day we are wiring our brain to the outcome. Neural networks which fire together, wire together, clustering through concepts, ideas, memory and skill, becoming connected through learning.


Just by focusing our attention on our vision we are learning about it and wiring it in.  Mental rehearsals are one way to  build the vision in the brain, visual vision boards are another great way.


Your brand is your vision of your business, bringing value to your customer’s lives. A vision board is a great way to create a visual brand and business plan. Its purpose is to connect more deeply to your vision.


Place  your vision board in a space that allows you to see it everyday, ever reminding you of your direction and picture of success.


Here is a template to create a visual brand plan, a vision board.


Find images that support a vision of how you are bringing value into your customer’s lives. Check that everything is aligned and moving in the same direction.


Here are the attributes for your vision board, you can use this to develop one about your customer’s lives or one about your own personal connection to your business and your brand. To create the vision board place these attributes in sections which radiate our from your brands promise.

Spiritual – connection to a purpose greater than oneself


Life partner




Contribution (what will you do for others)

Mental Genius (what will be the source of your learning)


Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

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