Selling creative ideas to the number guys

One thing that has struck me about the truly gifted creatives is how weak their concept of money is. How their creativity drives attraction and commerce, yet the way the money system works they don’t seem to get  much of a clip on the ticket.

Further, creativity is a right brain construct where as money is a left brain construct. Entreprenuership often requires  mastery of both sides and can be  a team effort between the numbers guys and the creative.

So how do you get the numbers guys to buy into your creative ideas?

You make it a left brain pitch, you talk about systems, logic, numbers, marketshare, revenue and margin. Yes we are talking flow charts, pie charts, yearly trends, market place stats, competitive case studies and ‘what if’ scenarios.

Make sure you do a rehearsal, pick a left brain friend or colleague and give them a walk through of the pitch.. ..make sure the presentation flows logically.

Don’t rely on the numbers guys for creative judgement, they often don’t have any, test the strength of your creative ideas on your target market and with creative peers. Use their feedback as an endorsement in your pitch to the number guys.

Creative people need to not only do the numbers for the numbers guys, they really need to do it for themselves. Many creative people feel business kills the soul of the creative process, and it can if you think that way.

Creative people have to be honest and ask, is this my hobby or is this my profession?

Numbers don’t have meaning in themselves, it is the story we attach to them that kills the creative process.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

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