Position yourself for success or your competitors will position you for failure

Australian economist, Craig James, once asked me, did I feel it was sustainable for a business to “opt out” and hold their ground and not pursue growth….great question, got me thinking.

The answer is “to stay still is to shrink” because the world is moving around you. Customer needs are changing and competitors are constantly looking for a competitive point of difference.

As Sergio Zyman, former Chief Marketing Officer of Coca Cola once said: “You either position yourself for success, or your competitors will position you for failure”. Sobering words from one of the stellar marketers of Coca Cola.

And while you may not be a fan of Coke yourself, it is still the world’s most valuable brand with a market capitalisation of $156.26 billion and brand value of  $71,861 million.

Check out the 2011 Ranking of the Top 100 Brands at http://www.interbrand.com/en/best-global-brands/best-global-brands-2008/best-global-brands-2011.aspx

Constant repositioning has allowed Coca Cola, at 125 years old, to maintain its status as a  cultural icon for youth, generation after generation. Imagine being cool for 125 years!

How does growth link to your brands? As the Marketing Leadership Council, part of the Corporate Executive Board, the world’s preeminent forum and think tank  of marketing says: “your brand is your growth strategy”.

Check out the marketing leadership council at https://mlc.executiveboard.com/Public

Translated into practical speak, your brand is the value generating qualities over the cost of goods and services that create desire for customers and market share and margin for your business.

So even  to hold your ground, you need to constantly reinvest in growth.

Grab some of the hard hitting facts about growth at Sergio’s video on Youtube. Like a shot of coffee to the brain, Sergio brings it back to the basics.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds


Meet Sergio at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqhTLx5vyVU

Some hard hitting descriptions on growth from a world master, thanks Sergio

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