Is your brand feeling past its peak, time to renew its value?

A mature brand in a changing marketplace

Everything has been working fine, but there is danger ahead in a changing market. Which one of these defines your business?

Market leader facing changes in government policy – the rules of the game just changed

Market leader facing changes in technology – the old ways don’t work anymore

Impact of changing value of the dollar – is your market shrinking or growing with the change in the dollar

Everything was going just fine until…….. They say nothing lasts forever, and these days, with an ever increasing speed to market of products and services, competitive advantage is a highly perishable item. So what do you do when circumstances outside your control bump you out of your comfort zone?

This is the time to look at on the horizon and see where the growth potential is within your category. To be able to look into ahead through the hearts and minds of your customer to see how value is created for them

Market leader facing changes in government policy –

UnitingCare Ageing the largest provider of aged care in Australia are moving from a position where the government was their key customer, to one where individual choice will drive funding. Hearts and Minds worked with opinion leaders, employees and customers, to build a brand to take UnitingCare Ageing into the future.

Market leader facing changes in technology –

While Australian newspapers are considered an extinct species by around 2022, Australians are the highest users of Twitter in the world. Back to our personal brands and personal redundancy, many employers are now looking to only employ individuals with a strong Twitter presence.

Impact of changing value of the dollar –

Some harsh lessons for retailers and tourism operators here. While Bricks and Mortar retail crumbles, many Australian customers enjoy worldwide shop windows thanks to the internet. The worst retail quarter in 20 years for David Jones in 2011, ouch! Tourism is a tough market at the moment, expect for those cunning few catering to working holiday markets, which, thanks to the value of our dollar, is growing.

Louise Kelly

Managing Director

Hearts and Minds

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