Social energy, 1 inspiring person touches 1,000

See the Advocacy Campaign for women’s health and wellness that inspires women to share their story of health and wellness and inspire others at
A social media phenomenon that brings home the point that every single woman can touch 1,000 women who can in turn touch 1,000, reminding us that one inspiring voice can carry itself to 1,000,000 people.
This US campaign lines up with the  Big Society think tank was launched by the British Government in 2010 to focus on ways to bring about positive social change by harnessing social energy . Social energy “…is the positive energy from spending time in a stimulating environment with other people”  Big Society serves as an incubator to champion people and organisations that are part of social change.
Big Society enables individuals and organisations to act as a catalyst for creating partnerships for the wider society.The social media phenomenon promoting women's health and wellness
How does your brand leverage and create social energy?
Louise Kelly
Managing Director
Hearts and Minds

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