Making a transformative impact on your customers’ lives

A brand is not just a “pretty face” it needs to have a transformative impact to improve the quality of our life.

Commonwealth Bank have cracked the code in a mobile phone app mobile app called Commbank Kaching.

Bill Posters, hitting the streets with the shoes that transforms livesIn a world-first it will use social networks for payments via a user’s Facebook Friends.

Making money more valuable by making it more fluid, Commbank’s Kaching combines peer-to-peer payments via the phone’s contacts and email addresses.

Don’t think (product) bike, think(outcome) cycle to work… is a turnkey solution in the UK that supports people to cycle to work. Citing significant health, profit and sustainability benefits, they offer safety, weather based solutions, bike hire and even bike buddies.

And watch out for the emerging class of brands, the social entrepreneurs, who can link business to social outcomes and bring big picture transformations to the quality of our life.

Increasingly brands will act to provide both social and environmental  outcomes, such as Australia’s ultra cool, Gideon Shoes, a social enterprise by the Ted Noffs foundation which funds a street university for disadvantaged kids through shoe sales.

By making shoes in Australia with ethical manufacturing, using pest animals such as cane toad, Gideon shoes invite you to make the world a better place.

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