Your face to the world is your brand

Hearts and Minds research has uncovered customers struggle with brand credibility when a brand is merely eye candy or worse still, a string of syrupy hyperboles. The face of the brand needs to be both authentic and resonant.

A strong brand, like a great leader, faces the world – with a clear and robust value system, driven beyond a self serving

purpose to a greater purpose, to make a transformative impact on their customer’s lives.

A great brand, like a great leader, is able to be congruent – and authentic in all presentations of themselves.

A great brand speaks the natural language of the customer – to create an authentic face and build connections.

Hearts and Minds research for Greater Blue MountainsTourism identified models and marketing speak in tourism can often break a brand’s credibility, In contrast natural visitor buzz and real people doing real things, create both trust and attraction, the theme of Greater Blue Mountains branded content created for their World Heritage Trails

To create a halo for their brand, South Australian Banrock Station, tapped into the buzz around global wetland conservation
Banrock Station’s Save the English Wildflower Meadow campaign with the world’s first interactive living billboard, had 700,000 passers by, 170,000 views on YouTube and around $1.5 million in PR value on and offline. Those who want to save the wildflower meadow spread the word and the halo effect of Banrock Station’s brand.

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