Thought Leader Candice Pert

Thought Leader Candice Pert

World Authority on our emotions, our mind body experience and its relationship to consciousness

brands often sell through logic, but ultimately every customer will buy through their emotions.

.cut through

your customers are in constant overwhelm at the number of offers and messages bombarding them each day, to cut through you have to strike right at their heart in nano second timing.

.decision making and choice

emotions work like traffic lights saying “stop”, “go” and “wait”. By understanding the link between customer emotions and their needs, you can wield greater influence over their decisions. Hearts and Minds can make a direct link between emotions, decision making and unmeet needs. Ask to see Hearts and Minds ‘wheel of emotions’.

.see your business from your customer’s world view

get inside your customer’s heart and mind by understanding the stories they tell themselves and how they experience your brand. Let us show you how you can pitch your offering to the customer inside their world and get inside their head with metaphor, stories and experiences.

.create more attraction

create more attraction around products by designing experiences and sensory triggers package products into experiences and sensory triggers using NLP techniques modeled on your customer’s best imaginable

receive a business briefing on our exclusive research tools !

For more information contact Louise Kelly, Managing Director, Hearts and Minds

Phone Sydney Australia 02 80847125 Mobile 0403082625 email:

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