Taking your brand through the business life cycle

Design to grow

A well designed brand can grow with your business, morph to fit new market opportunities, whilst always staying true to its core values. Branding work is never complete, it needs to evolve with your business as it moves through its maturity curve.

Before moving into the planning stage, take the time to find where your business is on the maturity curve and the key considerations ahead.

If your business is large, you may like to apply the maturity curve to  the different business siloes.


Brands for start ups

What sort of a start up are you?

First mover – taking the high ground and holding it

Fast follower – moving in with a competitive point of difference

Late entrant – a category killer that changes the rules of the marketplace

Bringing in new propositions for the brand

Taking an innovation into the market – strategies to win over the early adopters

Meeting a competitive challenge in the market – how do you leap frog a competitor who is standing in your way?

Introducing a compelling point of difference – breaking through the sameness of the category with a stand out offer

A mature brand in a changing marketplace

Market leader facing changes in government policy – the rules of the game just changed

Market leader facing changes in technology – the old ways don’t work anymore

Impact of changing value of the dollar – is your market shrinking or growing with the change in the dollar

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