Posted in February 2012

Using visions to bring the brand to life

  Vision creates extraordinary achievers. Vision is a verb ( something we do) and a noun ( a thing).   Brands that have a clear picture of success, a vision, are brands that are high performers   A clear picture of success includes: Clarity around goals and pathways to realizing the goal Ability to retain … Continue reading

The lessons from Kodak’s pending bankruptcy

Kodak created the digital camera, but refrained from investing in it early enough because it made most of its profits from the sale of developing chemicals. Kodak is an example of a business that froze when the market moved around them. Compare the commercial destinies of Kodak and Apple. In 1997 Kodak had a market … Continue reading

Selling creative ideas to the number guys

One thing that has struck me about the truly gifted creatives is how weak their concept of money is. How their creativity drives attraction and commerce, yet the way the money system works they don’t seem to get  much of a clip on the ticket. Further, creativity is a right brain construct where as money … Continue reading