Most business failure comes from the inability to execute strategy

There are many traits of failure that can be avoided through a carefully designed internal brand.

One of the first signs of failure is the passive resistance in an organisation to embrace the strategy. Passive resisters believe that through inaction “this too will pass”.

Resistance is created from a number of sources. Not grounding the strategy at the level of the individual employee creates a vacuum of knowledge that is quickly filled by detractors, who put a negative spin on the world and fuel resistance.

Resistance is rooted in the avoidance of reality. Bringing a strategy to life requires a systematic way of exposing reality and acting upon it. Credibility around the picture of success is critical to create buy in and overcome resistance. Emotional fortitude is required to confront reality, while passion is required to positively energise the organisation.

Lack of clarity is also a sign of impending failure. By keeping strategy bound in management babble employees are left with the task of linking strategy to their world, some can, most can’t. Typically employees are unable to describe success or ground the strategy into do’able’ steps.

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